Our services meet the standards of environmental protection, we are a company aware of our responsibility to the environment, customers, suppliers and workers.

  • Earth works in chop
  • Extraction and crushing of material
  • Construction of access roads and drill sheets including blasting
  • Stabilization of slopes based on cyclonic mesh and anchoring
  • Coating of roads
  • Construction and development of leaching patios
  • Handling of crushed material based on heavy equipment
  • Drain unclogging
  • Development of ramp (underground work), anchoring work, placement of mesh, and surface zarpeo based on cast concrete
  • Conditioning of tepetateras, construction of platforms, and service roads for mines
  • Mining in the open
  • Construction of piles of rebombeo, placement of clay, geosynthetic membrane, pipe and discharge valves.
  • Construction of land for rainwater conduction.
  • Construction of access road to treatment dams.
  • Production and hauling of filling material to be used in underground mine.


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